Limited to 5000 Scratch Cards

Contest Dates: Dec 26th – Jan 5th 2018 (or while scratch cards last)

Terms and Conditions

Stop in any Payne Dealership in the Valley and take a test drive or just stop in and receive your FREE scratch card. One card per transaction. Individuals must be 21 years or older to participate and a US Citizen. Contest dates: Dec 26th -Jan 5th, or while scratch cards last.

  1. Only scratch cards labeled Drive Scratch Win – PAYNE AUTO GROUP Win $100,000”, containing unique and valid serial numbers (see schedule “A”), and produced by an Odds On Promotion (referred to as ‘OOP’) authorized printing company will be eligible for prize reimbursement.
  2. Cards that are manipulated, altered, forged, hand printed, water damaged, mutilated, tampered with in any way, or which contain any computer programming, printing mechanical or typographical errors, will be considered void and will not be eligible for prize redemption.
  3. The location and orientation of the winning and non-winning symbols within the scratch off areas may rotate.
  4. In order to qualify for the Grand Prize of $100,000, an eligible contestant must scratch six surfaces revealing identical winning symbols (in any rotation) under each and every scratched surface. Cards scratched in more than 6 surfaces will be void and not eligible for prizes.
  5. Scratch off cards must be scratch off in front of a Payne Auto Group manager to validate the card.
  6. If more than one person matches six symbols, the $100,000 will be split evenly between the winners.
  7. Current or former employees, family members, agents, successors, or assignees of the client or any promotional agency involved with this promotion shall be ineligible to participate and/or claim any prize covered within.
  8. Names and likenesses of promotion winner(s) may be used by the client and OOP for promotional purposes without further compensation.
  9. Payne Auto Group must provide winning scratch card to OOP for verification. The eligibility of a winning scratch card will be judged by the sole and absolute discretion of OOP and/or the designated third party.
  10. Proof of Claim: The following items and completed documentation will be furnished to OOP as proof of a prize claim (forms furnished by OOP): (a) Affidavits of two promotion officials; (b) Affidavit of winner; and (c) Untampered with winning scratch card submitted via Payne Auto Group.
  11. Upon receipt of Proof of Claim, OOP may conduct a reasonable investigation including but not limited to requiring the Winner and/or Promotion Officials to take a polygraph examination as a condition to payment of the claim if, in the sole opinion of OOP such an examination is warranted by the facts.
  12. Contestant agrees to all terms and conditions as described on the “PROMOTIONAL PRIZE REIMBUSEMENT CONTRACT” between Odds On Promotion and Payne Auto Group.