If you find a Like-For-Like Vehicle at a Competitor within three (3) days of buying from Company, we'll refund the Price Difference. *

Which prices do we promise to beat?

  • You can use our Payne Price Promise to compare our prices with Competitors.

  • Special offers and negotiation discounts are excluded from our Payne Price Promise, as well as any prices available from Competitors in administration, liquidation, or other similar wholesale transactions.

  • We can only promise to beat publicly Advertised Prices that are not considered bundled Purchases.

*Additional terms and conditions apply.

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1.         Defined Terms

1.01     “Customer” is the purchaser of the Vehicle named on the Order, except the term does not include a partnership or corporation or any individual intending to use the Vehicle for commercial use.

1.02     “Company” means any dealership now operating or operating in the future under the Company umbrella. This presently includes, but is not limited to, Weslaco Motors LP, Ed Payne Motors LLP, Weslaco Ford LP, Payne Imports LLP, Payne Brownsville Inc, Payne Rio Ford LLC, or any such entity operating under an assumed name.   

1.03     “Day” or “Days” means any calendar day including a Saturday or Sunday or any U.S. Federal Holiday.  For the purpose of this Payne Price Promise, the first day of the three-day period shall be inclusive of the day the Customer purchases the Vehicle from the Company.

1.05     “Like-for-Like Car” means a car, van, or truck of the same make, model, trim, equipment specification, model year, and registration plate year, having a verified mileage within two thousand (2000) miles of the Vehicle, and bearing the same Carfax report condition (regarding accidents, damage, and one owner status), available for general retail sale and capable of being purchased without costs additional to the advertised price (excluding taxes, titling fees, registration fees, and a document fee of $150) at a Competing Licensed Dealer. For new vehicles anything considered to be a demonstration vehicle, service loaner, or any other condition that implies the unit has already been operated will exclude it for being eligible as a Like-for Like car.

1.06     “Competing Licensed Dealer” or “Competitor” or “Competitors” shall mean any licensed motor vehicle dealership or dealerships not owned or operated by the Company having a stock of over sixty (60) vehicles and retail sales premises located in the any of the following Texas counties: Starr, Hidalgo, or Cameron.

1.07     “Order” is a complete Texas Automotive Retail Installment Contract (553-TX-ARB-eps-14) and the accompanying Retail Purchase Agreement for the purchase of a Vehicle, except the term does not include lease transactions and commercial or business use transactions.  

1.08     “Price Difference” means the difference in the price displayed on the Retail Purchase Agreement of the Order and the Cash Price of the Like-for-Like Car.

1.09     “Cash Price” shall mean the publicly displayed and advertised retail price of a Vehicle available to all customers, excluding any discounted prices, credited rebates, reduced prices available in connection with any available promotional offers or prices which arise as a result of an administration, receivership, liquidation, insolvency or possible insolvency, bankruptcy, winding up or other similar event. The Cash Price also must not be contingent on any other bundled product purchases or financing requirements. On new vehicle offers, any offer that is constrained to one specific unit (identified by a stock number or vehicle identification number) will not be considered a valid Cash Price.

1.10     “Vehicle” is a new or used passenger car, truck or van purchased from the Company pursuant to the Order.

2.         Conditions

2.01     Company will, at its discretion, either refund the Price Difference, or reduce the Order by the Price Difference, upon proof of a written Retail Purchase Agreement or quotation from a Competitor that a Like-for-Like Car is available at a lesser Cash Price within three (3) Days from the date of Customer’s Order. Company reserves the right to verify any documents submitted as proof in support of claims made hereunder.  

2.02     Customer is entitled to claim the Price Difference only if Customer’s claim under the Payne Price Promise is submitted online at [URL] within three (3) Days of Customer’s Order.

2.03     Company reserves the right to modify the terms and conditions of the Payne Price Promise from time to time.  In the event of any dispute as to the interpretation of these terms and conditions, the application of the same or otherwise, the decision of Company shall be final.

2.04     Save for the Price Difference, Company shall not be liable for any claims, demands, damages, expenses or costs (including, without limitation, legal costs) incurred or made against it howsoever arising, whether directly or indirectly from the Payne Price Promise.

2.05     Any refund made to the Customer as a result of a claim made under the Payne Price Promise shall be paid in US Dollars via an electronic transfer to Customer’s designated bank account or via check mailed to Customer’s address as shown on the Order, within thirty (30) Days of the Payne Price Promise claim being received.

2.06     In the event of any conflict between these terms and conditions and those contained on the Order, the terms and conditions on the Order shall prevail.

2.07     A person who is not a party to the Payne Price Promise shall not have any rights under or in connection with it.

2.08     The Payne Price Promise is governed by the laws of the State of Texas, and all obligations of the parties created hereunder are deemed performable in Hidalgo County, Texas.