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Top 10 Car Care Tips for Car Owners (Part 2)

Monday, April 24th, 2017

Our previous post covered the Top 5 car care tips for car owners. If you’re looking to catch up on other things you may have missed, visit us at our Payne Auto Blog. Now, without further ado, we’re rounding out our Top 10.

Car Care Tips


People will always see your car’s exterior, so it may come as no surprise that you should wash it regularly. What many of us don’t keep in mind, however, is that the exterior of our car (specifically, in this instance, the paint) can wear out or rust. The best way to protect your vehicle’s paint job is by applying a coat of quality wax about every six months.


It’s important to keep your car’s parts properly lubricated. Driveline components (such as u-joints) are some you’ll have to pay close attention to.


Keep the interior of your vehicle just as sparkly and clean as your exterior. Protecting interior parts like door handles, AC control knobs and switches can be done a number of ways, like parking in areas where shade is most prevalent. You can also use window deflector screens and apply window tint.


Inspect, clean and repack wheel bearings with wheel bearing grease during service intervals. This ensures any costly replacements remain at bay.

TIP 10

Replace brake fluid and bleed your system once a year to make sure any moisture that can develop in your vehicle is released. The reason for this is that brake fluid is considered hygroscopic, which means that it is adept at attracting or building up moisture, which then leads to corrosion, and other failing components.

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Car Care 101: What is Coolant and Why Do I Need it

Saturday, April 15th, 2017

When you’re living in South Texas, hot weather is the norm. And if you’re driving in South Texas, you know very well that a lack of coolant is a cause for concern. There couldn’t be a worse time than summer to suddenly rule out of coolant. Coolant is to air conditioning as oil is to engines. Without it, it simply won’t work! This is why it’s so important to familiarize yourself with coolant and its capabilities. You never want to be caught in the dead of summer with a bum air conditioner on your hands!



Let’s Talk Coolant!

Contrary to popular belief, coolant and antifreeze aren’t exactly the same thing.

Coolant controls the temperatures of the fluids in your vehicle and several engine parts throughout all weather conditions. How does it do this? Simple. Coolant is a fluid combined with additives. These additives make sure that the liquid maintains a very low temperatures of below 0°C. They also ensure the liquid doesn’t evaporate when exposed to high temperatures above 100°.

In addition, coolant also carries anti-corrosive properties. This ability protects any metallic surfaces that can be found on a variety of engine parts. Furthermore, coolant helps in keeping the vehicle’s passenger compartment all warm and cozy!

Antifreeze is a bit different. It serves virtually the same purpose, but it’s far more resistant to cold temperatures. It’s often recommended for vehicles driven under extreme weather conditions for this reason.

Just like the oil in your car, coolant needs to be changed, too. And just like the oil, this can only be determined the model of your vehicle.

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Tax Credits: Does Your Eco-Friendly Car Qualify?

Monday, April 3rd, 2017
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Driving an eco friendly vehicle is a great first step toward going green. But did you know an eco friendly car can also put money in your pocket? Unbeknownst to many, driving off the lot in an eco friendly ride can lead to big tax breaks. So what is this credit? And how do you get it?

Is the electric car you’ve got your eye on eligible for a tax break?

It depends. The federal electric car tax credit only applies to certain electric and hybrid vehicles. The amount of the credit is based on the capacity of the vehicle’s battery pack. Although all battery-run electric cars are eligible for the full amount in tax credits, the same doesn’t apply for plug-in hybrids – which can present some confusion for buyers and owners. View the entire list of qualifying vehicles here.

You’ll need to fill out the IRS Form 8936 when you file your taxes. Check with your tax professional should you have any questions about qualifying for a tax credit.

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