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Oil Changes

Tuesday, July 12th, 2016

Changing your oil has to be one of the most important duties in keeping your vehicle running. What many people don’t consider, though, is what type of oil their vehicle requires. This often brings about confused looks, and a vast amount of questions. Your local Payne Chevy dealership has the answers, plus more! We’re here to break down what kinds of oil exist, what they mean, and which is best for your vehicle. Read on!

Types of Oil

Firstly, there are four main types of engine oil changes to keep in mind when your taking your vehicle to the mechanics. These are:

-Full Synthetic Oil

-Synthetic Blend

-High Mileage


The difference between these¬†oil types is how they perform in certain kinds of vehicles, along with what they’re made of. For example, a Full Synthetic Oil Change is created through man-made, and precisely controlled materials. The Conventional Oil Change, however, is made from crude oil taken from the ground and prepared at a refinery.

Along with knowing the types of engine oil, you should also be aware of oil grades. These identify the thickness, or viscosity, the oil maintains at different temperatures. Being able to identify the correct oil change and grade for your vehicle will ensure that you are able to spend more time on the road, and less time stressing.

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